Saturday, June 16, 2018

Amana ADB1000AWW1 Dishwasher Door Leak Fix

For reference, please see this diagram,

As with any repairs, I am not responsible for the quality or lack thereof concerning your work. There will always be omissions and oversights as this is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Personal injury, death, and property damage are always possible when working with any machine. Perform this and any other repair at your own risk.

The Amana ADB1000AWW1 is a marvel of yesterday's engineering that still works to this day.  It uses a timer, level switch, a Rube Goldberg contraption that rivals today's electronic wizardry required to dispense the soap and rinse aid.  Unlike the offerings of today with touch screens and enough blinking lights to invoke seizures in susceptible individuals, this one has done the job without complaint for 5 years. This writer has fed countless loads of dirty dishes into its awaiting maw only to com out cleaner and dryer than any Energy Star rated machine made today. All we've done is use the right soap and kept the rinse aid topped off along with an occasional cleaning. 

Yesterday, after a brisk day of fixing and installing appliances; such is my happy fate Mrs. Grace alerted me to a problem with this simplistic piece of American engineering. It was leaking water through the door from the left side of the console and finding its way to the floor. My philosophy is NEVER TO CHANGE PARTS without a proper diagnosis. Since I paid less than $200 for this machine, it wasn't going to be work putting a whole lot into. 

Initially, I opened the inner door and looked inside the console. You will need a Torx 15 or 20 to remove the screws. SHUT OFF POWER TO THE MACHINE or you will make a mess if the door closes.  This dishwasher's vent allows hot air and water vapor to escape from the console, especially during drying. There are no moving parts as this is made to deflect water back into the tub. This area was filled with slime, which was allowing the water to condense and drip from the console. I removed the vent screen from the inner door.  A thorough rinsing removed the slime removed the slime, blecch! 

The dishwasher goes back together in the order it came apart, paying attention to the drip cover that needs to go back in to cover the dispenser mechanism inside the door.  Take your time and don't break the console, as these are half the cost of the machine when it was new.  Run the dishwasher and check for leaks; congratulating yourself that you're not contributing to the electronic overlords that are watching our every move through our appliances. Maranatha! 

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