Thursday, December 21, 2017

2008-2012 Ford Escape Front Seat and Door Panel Top Fix.

A VERY common problem with Ford Escapes and probably Mercury Mariners with darker interior trim is that they fade when exposed to too much direct sunlight. My front seat cushions were faded, spotted and looked bad. Other than a small hole on the driver 's side (which is another fix for another day) the fabric was in good shape. Yes, I could spend $40 to $50 on seat covers for this beast. The problems are they need to be compatible with the airbags. Even if I replaced the seats, the car would need to go to the dealer to re-calibrate the weight sensor on the passenger side seat.

Another issue is that the tops of the door panels fade and fade bad and this is across the board, unless you keep your ride in a garage. Used panels will have the same defect and new ones will probably run a few hundred bucks apiece. They aren't too hard to remove, but why replace when you can refinish them, and the seats for about six bucks and a little bit of your time (and your will need some skill and LOTS of patience . You will need a can of black bumper paint (or spray paint that's the color of your trim) that's low gloss as possible. Satin sheen works best for both jobs.

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