Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Issues with Straight Talk Service (Hotspot)!

My phone issues are solved, as the cost of our cellular carrier was getting stratospheric. We got three phones and a months worth of service for $304 with tax. Thus far, we're very happy with same and the phones, LG Sunrise are very functional and feature rich. The problem isn't with the phones, but with a hotspot I ordered for my business.

For the sum of $15.84, I ordered a hotspot from Straight Talk. Today I received a door tag and a policy that someone has to be present for the package to be dropped off. There's no way to either pick this up at FedEx (another corporate entity I'm not happy with), or just have them drop the package off. This is per Straight Talk's policy.

So my options are either to wait an entire day to receive this package, or eat this amount since the customer service is less than helpful. I've tried contacting them on their Facebook page to no avail. They even erased my comments.

So I would be leery of ordering from them if I were you; especially if you can't be present to wait for a package.

If you are with said company, everything I said was true. There is nothing defamatory about stating dissatisfaction with a product or service. If you want to resolve this in a workable manner; either allowing me to pick this up or refunding my money, I'll gladly write a follow up. Until then, I'm picking up a hotspot as I need one for my invoicing as my tablet is not cellular capable on its own.

UPDATE: I finally got the hotspot as FedEx called me to say that they has made 3 attempts to deliver and wanted to know if I stilled wanted it. All I needed was my driver's license. I picked this up and will start using this soon.

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