Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pickup Bed Cover On The Cheap, Part Two : Materials

I've been looking at some designs on YouTube and elsewhere for the "perfect" design and may hybridize a few to make my own. The diamond plate ones look nice, but the price of these are going to be way over budget, and this stuff is heavy, very heavy for the gauge I need for this to bend or buckle. I've also ruled our OSB, oriented strand board or 'chipboard' as many call it because of its lack of water resistance and irregularity, While I've seen some nice covers made from this material, especially on a Subaru Baja, this was covered in vinyl and one a much shorter and narrower bed. We get snowfall here as well as the occasional errant child climbing on or into my bed. Unless I want to add extra support, and weight to this cover OSB will not be my material of choice.

Plywood is also a good alternative, as it is stronger than OSB under some circumstances and is slighty more water resistant, but will still be heavy

Hinges are something else that are under consideration. Piano hinges are cleaner, but not as durable on heavier materials, considering this cover will be opened and closed 15 to 20 times a day. They will leave a lot less profile through a cover than shed door hinges as as long as the material is reasonably light, they should work fine.

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