Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Teen Car Project, Epilogue

My 2004 Grand Am will likely be finding a new home. After my parents' 2003 GMC Envoy had some mechanical issues that thanks to a VERY incompetent dealer service sidelined it for over a month, they put tires and a battery in this car to drive it until the Envoy was back up and running again.

I wrote a very scathing review to the dealer's Facebook page on Saturday and on Monday, they released their truck, which was promptly fixed at an independent mechanic in Grand Ledge. The Grand Am's temperature gauge was hovering over the red mark, and I changed the thermostat and nearly changed the water pump trying to correct the problem.

I had the car towed to this same mechanic, who determined the instrument cluster was having issues. So this is being rebuilt as we speak and then the car will be in safe operating condition. My parents have expressed interest in getting this car, which is ironic considering I've called this the Teen Car Project. Though young at heart, they are both in their sixties.

It will help them, and us as we won't have to worry about storing, gassing or insuring it and it will give my mom something to drive. Maranatha!

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