Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Feeling the Heat: Preventing a Service Call on Your Range, Cook Top, or Oven

Happy December everyone. The holidays are well upon us and many of us are entertaining guests. Some of us have to cook a fair deal as it is, and being without a range is more than an inconvenience. It could be a major expense for some of us if meals need to be ordered in as well as the actual expense of repairing the range itself. Some are minor, while others destroy the range or result in hundreds of dollars in damage if the parts are even available. This is how people do it unwittingly every day.

  • Allow foods to boil over on cook tops. This can foul up a burner or igniter or short out a switch on gas ranges. With plug in style electric ranges, this can tear up elements, sockets, and switches. Not attending cooking is a big cause of house fires. 
  • Use aluminum foil to "protect" drip pans and line ovens. This voids your warranty on a new range and can destroy the liner already in it. It also causes drip pans to corrode.
  • Place a hot lid directly on a glass cook top. When it cools after a moment, it can break the cook top.
  • Use the self clean feature on your range. You can do this, but you should have a fan blowing against the oven and do this after the festivities are over. Too much heat can cause the thermal fuse to blow. This puts the entire range out of commission and these are not convenient to get to to replace. 

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