Friday, October 16, 2015

A Look At Silicone Wedding Bands.

As a service tech and hopefully soon to be handyman, I've managed to lose or destroy 4 wedding bands in the past 21 years of marriage. The first one I nearly degloved a finger when it got crushed working at the prison in Southern Michigan, the second got lost when it got too big (mind you these were GOLD bands). I also arced a titanium one on a battery terminal and the last one is too small as my hands have swollen in recent years. My stepfather crushed his hand in a lift, and had he been wearing a wedding band, they would have had to remove his finger. For the past 20 years, I have seldom worn a piece of jewelry as the price has been too high for something I can damage or lose so easy. My hobbies are equally hard on rings. Car repairs, shooting (not so much lately) home repairs, also can cause a problem with metal rings.

On the other hand, no pun intended, there are considerations when working in people's homes especially with women. I believe in being professional and moral when working in people's homes and the presence of a wedding band provides a source of reassurance of your virtue. I love my wife and she understands that I'm not nor will probably never be a paper pusher or desk jockey. However, she would love to have me wearing a band as she has faithfully done over two decades. Even so wedding rings can and do scratch appliances, and contact with a live voltage source can result in a painful electrical burn. If 12 volts can weld a ring, imagine what 120 volts will do. I need my hands a little while longer...

This week, I stumbled on a solution in the form of a band made of silicone. It's not new for jewelry because bracelets have been made of this material for a decade or so. These come from a variety of sources. and are priced anywhere from a few dollars to $20. I got two of them for about $16 with shipping at today. A black and a grey one (Mrs. Grace like the grey one). I ordered a size 11 and though the fit was tight at first, it has gotten more comfortable over the few minute I've had it on. The material is a medical grade, hypoallergenic, silicone. It looks like a ring, but is very light, soft and resilient. One might compare it to a rubber band, but a rubber band is constricting. This material is odorless, smooth and warm compared to the cold harness of a metal ring. Even though my fingers have swollen over the course of my work. this ring is fairly easy to put on and take off, not that you would ever need to take this one off for any reason. It won't scratch like metal, nor will it conduct electricity. If it gets caught one something, it will break long before a finger is amputated or degloved (this is when the meat is pulled from the bone).

Another contention is that I've allergic to metal and will get dermatitis wearing the wrong kind of watch or ring. Since silicone is inert, hopefully this won't be an issue. If anything comes up, I will update you. Maranatha!

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