Monday, September 28, 2015

Getting the Desk Set Up.

The computer is down for the count and I'm coping with the Android tablet for a while. I got another one on lay away with Windows 7. If I thought Windows 8 was bad, 10 was horrible and the computer was unable to handle it. Trying to get cellular service on this tablet was another goal of mine that is proving to be a pain. I'm on Sprint and the tablet is set up on Verizon.  The rep at Sprint told me that Verizon would have to do something to take their stuff off of this so I could use tnis on my network.
Too complicated for me, and so we're going to address this tomorrow.
I did find a desk and chair Saturday,  for the princely sum of $32. The chair is metal and and the desk actual wood. What it didn't have was a keyboard.  A set of European drawer slides and a plank of Ponderosa pine fixed that.
I'll add pics later as I get this going. Maranatha!

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