Thursday, August 13, 2015

2008-2011 Dodge Dakota Windshield Washer Cap Quick Fix.

Let's say you own a late model Dodge Dakota and the windshield washer cap breaks. You went to AutoZone, looked online and tried to find this stupid cap. The only ones you can find are for earlier models. The dealer has them, but has to order them and it's about $20 for a Mopar part. I'm all for the deal making money, but most people will either buy the cap or use a makeshift rubber band and plastic bag.

There's a better way. The original cap is yellow with black markings and is held in place with a ring that secures it to the bottle. Now I know you Mopar guys and gals have this thing about matching numbers and I'm one, but if you can tolerate a black cap with yellow markings, this cap will do the same job the old did. I got mine at O'Reilly's, but you might be able to look this number up. It's made by Doorman for GM vehicles 1982-2007 and fits this bottle perfectly other than the color. The part number is 54100 and costs about $7.00, which is a helluva lot cheaper than the dealer and a lot easier to find. It is also the same one our Torrent uses. Maranatha! 

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