Saturday, April 11, 2015

HP Chromebook 14 Review, Followup and Final Impressions.

Sorry about not following up on the Chromebook, but after having a serious ear infection, which the aftermath has yet to be resolved, I was in no condition to conclude same.
Today, my ear is still "stuffed up" and I'm irritable as some have pointed out (if the shoe fits, wear it and I'm going to wear it :( ).
Sadly, or happily, the Chromebook had to go back and my Windows Seven machine was relegated to my wife. I got the Windows Eight back one that I gave to her because the other had problems with charging the battery and I did not want to try and diagnose it.
The Chromebook did everything that I asked of it, save one and this was printing to my printer. Sure, I could cloud print a document, and read everything online, but the instructions Google gave were still beyond vague. The "troublesome" Windows Eight computer had no trouble downloading the software and getting my work orders printed for the following day. In fact it took me less than five minutes with a wireless connection.
Reluctantly, I took the Chromebook back to OfficeMax and got my money back, which they did for me even more reluctantly. Until Google can figure out how to get this cloud printing to where the average person can do this, they may end up having a lot of machines returned or sitting in closets, unused. Maranatha!

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