Monday, January 26, 2015

Whirlpool Front Load Washer E28 Code Fix (try this first).

As always, when in doubt consult the services of a competent technician. Use caution when working on parts and never work on live electrical circuits unless you are trained to do so. Untrained individuals working on sophisticated electronic equipment such a washer, car or even a wheelbarrow can do permanent damage to the equipment, rendering it useless...

Fortunately, this "fix" is pretty simple, at least if it works and there are no guarantees. E28 means a lack of communication between certain parts inside the machine, and there are nightmares of swapping parts to fix this. First of all, you need to put down that screwdriver and step away carefully; take a deep breath and relax.

You have to either pull this code up by pressing an releasing a certain button 2-5 seconds and releasing it for a total of five cycles. ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON and the codes will flash. However, the symptom we're looking for is that the washer will intermittently leave the clothes inside a wet heap. They won't spin out at all. As a homeowner, you should be cleaning out the filter or having this done once in a while. A clogged or stuck pump could be the issue, but more often than not, the problem is how much detergent you're using.

Since high efficiency washers came to be, the promise of lower water and energy bills rang true for a lot of people. Along with lower water usage, owners are still having a difficult time with soap in these machines. Many will fill the dispensers to the "MAX" level with h/e soap, use a quarter cup or whatever they believe the manufacture says is the right level for their load. First of all, stop!

These washers are sold all over the world, and the max levels are for those countries where h/e soap is not widely available (I live in the United States where it's VERY available). Since the premise is that the h/e version is more concentrated (it has less fillers), you are adding and wasting hundreds of dollars over the life of the machine AND you are shortening the life of same AND setting yourself up for a service call.

If you use h/e soap, you ONLY NEED ONE TABLESPOON FULL, two tablespoons max. That's it. The washer can only use so much at a time and the rest will either rinse out or deposit itself inside the machine to create problems with sensors and electronics. If you're doing this, again, stop. You also want to use a washer cleaner weekly for several weeks and monthly thereafter. Hopefully, the glitches will stop and your clothes will spin out. It this code was on all the time, better call a service tech, but this should help save some money.

As a bonus tip, wash your smalls in a mesh bag or hand wash them as these can get sucked into the pump. That's it. Maranatha!

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