Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Change in Policy, Concerning Advertising.

I've been blogging since 2009 on this site, through thick and thin, through a lot of changes. Through this time I've dealt with financial hardships, several job changes and continued to write this blog. I thank Google from the bottom of my heart to be able to use this venue to write, as I have used them for eleven years. My hope is to help people out of some sticky situations that are hard to find a way out of even on the World Wide Web. I love the comments readers have given over the years, good and bad.

I have NEVER asked for a dime, as help should have its own reward. However, I had a heating and cooling company peddle their services on one of my posts. There was nothing wrong with the message they gave, but these firms charge you big bucks to come to the door. I know because I've worked for several of them and had to deal with customers upset over paying $500 for a $130 control board, or $318 for a $25 hot surface ignitor. Adding insult was to deal with a boss that said I should have shown the customer the value, which was among several reasons I left the industry for good last year.

Businesses are there to make money and there is overhead to be paid for sure, but I will not permit someone to advertise their wares on this blog in the comments section. If you want to suggest that someone seek the services of a competent professional or have a better way of doing something, I respect that and will insist that on every post that involves all but the most trivial of fixes. As a pro myself, I have the scars to prove that some things are dangerous. I nearly lost sight in my left eye due to a chemical burn as one of them,

 It is strictly for the love of people, writing, and some of my interests in the context of helping others. Even if you don't do the fix yourself, you can appreciate the effort made to get something put back in working order. Hopefully, this blog will continue to help, or least make you laugh at same for years to come. Maranatha!

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