Sunday, December 21, 2014

I'm Still Alive

My posts have been slowing down significantly over these past few months and this is no accident. Time has been at a premium, I've fewer things noteworthy lately and because I've started working on appliances (white goods) rather than furnaces, it's not an area I'm fully ready to teach too much yet. I do have some tool reviews coming (sorry, no more new guns) pretty quick, including a tool bag, a spotlight (every redneck, prepper, and service tech should have one), wrenches, socket set, snap ring pliers and an inspection camera. I've also picked up some tools from Tekton, Craftsman (still my favorite) as well as Husky, (very well made), Dewalt, (not what you'd think) as well as Stanley and others.

I bought these to answer and address some issues I'm having at work. Each tool address a specific problem with a specific job, or several. Time will tell if these help at all or need to relegated to the scrap heap. Hopefully, these will be helpful to those wanting to start in the trade or are already in the trade and want to do things better.

My philosophy in working is that is if something is too hard, there's a way to make it easier. Appliances are much easier to fix than yesteryear, but not as easy to diagnose. These next few articles may be old hat to a lot of you, or even a bit ridiculous. However, for those trying to figure out a better way with a minimum of fuss, or even trying to deal with visual or physical limitations, may help. That is my hope. Maranatha!

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