Sunday, May 11, 2014

G.E. Refrigerator Water Dispenser Issue.

A little over a month into my new job/career and I've seen and worked on a lot. Tomorrow, I get to work by myself into what is hopefully a slow day, but whatever it is, I will fight my way through it. One issue I've been seeing a little bit are with the water dispenser on G.E. side-by-side refrigerators. I have worked on a few of them and recommend them as being reliable. The main problem, exclusive of issues with the valves, tubing, a frozen tank or more rarely a plugged water filter, is a frozen line in the freezer door. You heard this right, a frozen water line in the freezer door. After about 10 years, the insulation breaks down enough in the door (probably due to environmental laws on foam insulation) to allow this line to freeze. The best fix is to replace the door with a new one, and provided this isn't made of unobtainium, or N.L.A. (No Longer Available) is going to run about $750. Aside from the inconvenience of not being able to use the water from the fridge, the rest of the operation isn't affected. You can still get ice (as long as the icemaker is still working, and this isn't very expensive to have done or do yourself) and open the door to get a cold drink. You can also try putting cardboard between the freezer compartment and the door (make sure the door is closed) to thaw it out, or even a old bedspread. This fix will last for anywhere from 2 weeks to several months and then you will have to repeat the process over and again. The other option is to live with it until you get a new fridge. Maranatha!

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