Saturday, April 26, 2014

Time For a Change.

Wow, what a month and I've been busier than, well, busy. I'm out of the HVAC business, but have been learning, yes learning to fix appliances. Still haven't had a chance to shoot the Nano, but did take the day to get some errands done and get caught up on some writing. Again, there will be fewer furnace fix items from me, and this is because of some issues with being on call for weeks on end during this last winter. Fixing air conditioners and furnaces is a tough job and I've done it on and off for 28 years. What prompted me to change was the prices of the parts and repairs was going through the roof, my salary was stagnating, and I was required to purchase more training and tools. Add to that customers ticked over the price and my own lost sense of job satisfaction and the choice was clear, get busy living or get busy going crazy.
Appliances have also changed since I first turned a wrench, but the basics are still there. Fridges cool and freeze food, Washers and dryers still do their things, Freezers freeze, ranges cook, bake and broil, Microwaves thaw and dishwashers, well they still wash dishes.
Since the influx of Samsung, LG, Bosch and other foreign brands into the United States as well as the energy policy that made these brands viable here, there have been some significant changes. Control boards in fridges, they have them. Washers also have them, dishwashers, ranges, dryers, microwaves. Everything is electronic save for the lower end items. In time, all of these will have to have electronic controls. I was working on a dual evaporator Samsung refrigerator where the evaporator for the refrigerator was frozen up. Come to find out that the control board was shot and needs to be replaced on a 10 year old fridge. At least the repair wasn't too expensive and owner decided to fix it. This is what I would have done as well. Hurray for fixing!
Anyway, I've got a month of writing to cover for and probably won't get it all done. I do appreciate all of you reading, commenting and learning from my posts on this blog. Even though the focus has to shift, it's for the better for all concerned. I would still suggest hiring a pro to fix the furnace anyway and the air conditioner is almost required because of the EPA laws. Maranatha!

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