Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blackhawk Tuckable Holster Review.

Holster, side view

Note the special clip. 
*NOTE: Obey all laws regarding concealed carry in your state, or if you live in Illinois, California, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, the District or Columbia or other states that restrict, move. This includes any "pistol free zones" as mandated by state and federal laws. Also use common sense in that if your job requires you to enter a customer's home, leave the gun at YOUR home.

I carry a handgun every time I head out the door*  Most of the time, this requires a holster or other means of carry to do so safely. In the brief time, I've became a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to these. Being a realist when it comes to price and ease of use, I'm not going to spend over $50 on one. This leaves a lot of the Kydex and hybrid holsters out, as well as the tactical ones. The latter is useless for a civilian carrying unless he or she likes raising Cain with the public and the authorities proper. The idea of carrying a gun is not to advertise, but to conceal and if you think that carrying one out in the open is going to deter crime, guess again. You may very well be prevented from using your gun if someone sees it. Even if there isn't a sign out front saying "no guns allowed" doesn't mean that the manager can't call the police and have you arrested for criminal trespass if you don't leave. Most aren't going to ask you up front, (I wouldn't do it) for fear of their safety. However you choose to cover it up, do so. Let's not get society more upset over guns than they already are by watching out "p's" and "q's".

In past blog posts, leather is the ideal way to go when carrying a pistol concealed, especially with an in-the-waistband rig. If cost is an objection, then save up or buy the cheapie ones. However, resist the temptation to carry in a belt only. The reasons for using a holster is to help prevent accidentally pulling the trigger or getting yourself or clothing caught on part or parts of your gun. Enough said.

Blackhawk has been a name synonymous with carrying firearms and other tactical gear. They're also the best selling holster manufacturer in the United States and this writer believes this has everything to do with their cost and value. Their nylon holsters are well made, but a bit bulky for the strength and support they offer. Their leather ones, or in my case suede is an IWB with a loop that hooks over your waistband, under your belt and has enough gap to tuck in a shirt. The operation is a bit convoluted at first and I would prefer having this go over your belt. Two pounds of brass, steel and plastic strapped to your hip is going to put a strain on anyone's trousers and having this on the belt makes more sense. Maranatha!

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