Friday, January 17, 2014

Old Water Heater, and Condemned A Nordyne Today.

I'll try and get pics on this water heater, but it was installed in 1953 making it 61 years old and was original to the house. Yes, it did finally leak and the customer is going to replace it next week. The Inspector camera has claimed yet another victim. This time a 21 year old Nordyne furnace in Lansing, MI. The original complaint was that the furnace would take a long time to light. Since this used a glow bar, my first thought was that it was going off on pressure switch. I drilled a hole in the side of the plenum with a step bit and within two minutes found a hole the size of a quarter in the heat exchanger. Carbon Monoxide or not, I had to shut it down.  Even though the customer ended up buying from someone else, this camera is a godsend and has saved me countless hours trying to diagnose problems when the furnace is a lost cause. Even though the homeowner is always upset, the fact that they know the problem and the fact that you have saved a life is a good thing. Maranatha!

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