Thursday, December 12, 2013

It Could Have Been MUCH Worse!

This is a Goodman 90% furnace next to a
stud wall. Notice the corroded manifold and
burnt paint on top of the cabinet next to the burner box.

The furnace was rolling out bad and the top of the
cabinet was hot to the touch. Notice the paint and sticker.
This would not have ended well.

The bottom three pictures are inside the actual burner box. The front plate of the heat exchanger is an actual part of same and not just a separate shield. The crack goes through right through to the area blowing warm air in the living space. The furnace is also less than an inch from a 2x6 stud, which despite the fact this customer had to buy a furnace today, as he put it "still cheaper than a house." Maranatha!

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