Friday, January 18, 2013

Quick Rocker Cover Leak Fix for 2.2 liter GM Ecotec

Okay, laugh if you must. Frankly, I'm a bit sick of my wife's car dripping oil on my driveway. What's worse is that oil is expensive and those gasket sets at thirty dollars aren't cheap, especially when they don't last more than a few months and the engine is right back to leaking again. Go to the hardware store, home center, or heat supply house and buy a tube of high temperature silicone caulk. I've seen regular quality silicone caulk used for this, but one with a high temperature filler will work better.

Carefully take off the rocker cover from the the cylinder head, and you will likely damage the grommets where the bolts are. Just try and not tear them up too much so you can reuse them. Take the gaskets out of the cover and a lay a small bead of silicone, just enough to stick the gaskets back in their grooves. Let this set up. Then lay a bead of silicone on the mating surface of the cylinder head, let it sit a minute and put the cover back on. Problem solved. Just try not to let a bunch of silicone into the engine itself as it can clog the oil pump and cause big problems. It isn't the most elegant solution, but sure beats buying more gaskets. Maranatha!

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