Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pyrex Glassware Chip Fix

This is a quick one, courtesy of my cooking teacher Rita Rood. She's long since retired from her teaching job, but I remember her lessons well, 28 years later. Either here, there or in the air we will meet again...
When you run a home economics class with a tight budget, you tend to figure out ways to save money quickly. Pyrex utensils are expensive, and I've had mine close to two decades. When I found a chip in my two cup measuring cup, throwing this away wasn't an option. However, cutting yourself on a sharp edge isn't exactly one either. Caution, wear gloves and eye protection when doing this fix. This works ONLY on tempered glass. Regular glass MUST be discarded or recycled as this will crack and probably severely cut someone. If the piece is cracked, throw it away as will likely break further. If this is a chip, proceed.

What you need is 100 to 400 grit sandpaper along with the eye protection and gloves. I forwent the gloves, and only had 400 grit paper, but that's your choice. I always wear eye protection. Take the sandpaper and use it to smooth out the sharp edges on the chip. The lower the grit number, the more aggressive on the glass it will be. You want the rough edges smooth, but don't get carried away as the edges will never be perfect again. You're just trying to save the piece. Once the edges are smooth enough for your liking, wash it and you're done. Maranatha!

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