Sunday, October 21, 2012

Verdict on the Ruger SR9c

Finally got the gun out to the farm and fired 135 rounds through it. Not one failure to feed, eject, or fire short of the trigger reset being balky. It happily chewed through my cheap Walmart and Dunham's ammo. It also cheerfully ate my old carry ammo, which blew a milk bottle full of water apart with no problem (Hornady Zombie Max is some of the best ammo for the money, but the rounds are light). I did have to adjust the rear sight, and my groups were well within six inches at 21 feet. I'm nobody's shooter, but this gun is more than accurate for what it needs to hopefully never do.
If anything, this should underscore the need to practice regularly with your guns. You don't need to be Quick Draw McGraw, but you do need to be able to bring it out and hit your target with it. You also need to be able to hold it properly so the slide doesn't bash your thumbs when you fire it. In addition, you also need to able to turn off the safety (if you have one) so it goes bang. If there is a malfunction about to happen, annoying as they are, it's far better to have a problem on the range than in a defensive situation. Like it or not, no gun is 100% reliable, even a Glock. Yes, you can buy a revolver, but these aren't failure proof either and have their own trade offs; mainly in reduced round capacity.
Still waiting on the Bersa and what the damages will be. It didn't go to the factory, but to Gander Mountain to get fixed. Considering the repair I just got done on the Ruger, this is in capable hands. As soon as it gets back, I'll do a review. This is an old school hammer fired pistol not unlike the Beretta I traded, but in a .45 caliber. This will be a blast. Maranatha!


Walter Grace said...

The Bersa just got into the shop Tuesday. Tired of calling about the thing, so when it comes it comes in.

Walter Grace said...

What really sucks is that even in Lansing MI, a city with close to half a million people in the metro area, there isn't ONE competent gunsmith. Gander Mountain moved their gun smiths to Grand Rapids for whatever insane reason they chose to come up with. I love shopping there and get FABULOUS customer service, but come on, there are lot of guns here...