Friday, October 19, 2012

Problem With The Ruger SR9c

This post isn't to debate whether or not people should be allowed to carry, possess, or otherwise own or use guns in any capacity. It is agreed that guns are dangerous by their nature. Always treat every gun as if it were loaded! Never point any gun at something or someone you do not intend to destroy. If for some inexplicable reason that the gun goes off, this may make the difference between an embarrassment and a tragedy. Always use safeties as one line of defense, but never as the only line of defense against a negligent discharge. Geez Louise, this is a lot of mumbo jumbo; oh well...
This weekend, I got a Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact Pro in a .45 caliber and this gun is used. I knew it had an issue with the magazine release and was expecting it fixed, but it was not. No problem as I still took the gun in to be sent to Bersa for repair. As long as this is fixed, I have a pretty nice deal on a .45 that shoots real well and accurately. I've fired it, but not enough for a review. The magazine release is sporadic and this is embarrassing on the range and a funeral waiting to happen in a fight. Stay tuned, and I will review the aftermath on Bersa's service at a later date.

Went to take the Ruger out for carrying, and to be honest I haven't in a couple days. When I went to take the lock out of it the roll pin for the extractor fell out, rendering the gun a paperweight with both the extractor spring and pin on the floor. On the Ruger SR9c, the extractor is about an inch and a half long, and pivots on a roll pin with a spring on the back end of the slide. When this extractor is disabled, there is no way to remove empty cartridges from the barrel. What got me is that this pin is made of material about a hundredth of an inch thick, and there was some distortion on same. I know I could put this back in the slide and called it good, but the hole it went into also looked out of round. I am not a gunsmith, although it's looking more and more like the trade to get into. Either way, my life and that of family depends on these working flawlessly.

I got my SR9c back from Gander Mountain yesterday 10/18/12 and will fire some more rounds through it Sunday to make sure this thing is fixed. The smith re-installed the pin after some adjustments to same. I've heard stories about Ruger replacing the slide in it's entirety, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. The Bersa is on its way to Grand Rapids as the manufacturer is not going to warranty the gun. As long as their quote isn't more than the price of what I was going to pay for it to begin with, no problem. If it is, not a huge deal either. I'll post more on this later. Maranatha!


Sarah said...

You have notify many valid faults and point out the problems of Ruger Gun very well.

Walter Grace said...

I wouldn't necessarily call these many faults or even really a fault at all. I've fired more rounds through this gun and haven't had so much as a malfunction since the smith fixed it. In truth, I could have probably put a new pin in myself, but since it was a month old. This is still my primary carry weapon.