Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ruger SR9c Review, Part 2

As always, I'm going to keep pictures to a minimum. After getting the gun home and turning in my paperwork to the police, the officer at the desk asked me what I got. He said it was good gun and made mention something about the government and Beretta that I didn't quite get. As with any new firearm, I field strip it and lubricate it, as the factory lubricants are non existent. The slide pull is quite substantial at 16 pounds, but even with my arthritis is more than doable. Unless the safety is off, you aren't pulling it anywhere. Transitioning from the PX4, the slide lock doesn't automatically release the slide. You have to pull back to release the slide lock to get it forward; not a big deal. The manual safety is very easy to operate with your thumb and like most U.S. made pistols, goes down for fire and up for lock.

Taking the pistol apart to field strip it requires a pencil or snap cap. You have to pull back the slide and push up on the lock, push down on a lever inside the ejection port and then push out the take-down pin. You can use your finger for these, but a pencil will be much more convenient and in the case of the slide, much safer. Putting it back together requires some finesse. You put the slide back on from the muzzle, pull back, engage the lock and install the take-down pin. You will also need to push that lever back before closing the slide or will not be able to operate your gun. It's a learning curve, but not a deal breaker by any means. I use Rem Oil and Tetra Gun Grease on mine, but other lubricants work fine. Read the instructions and you can't go wrong.

As for ease of carrying, I had no issue with carrying and no one made mention of any bulges under my shirt in an in the pants holster. For sure, there's the crowd who believes that a gun should be comforting and not comfortable. I take issue with that. First of all, there's no comfort in having to shoot anyone regardless of how justified you are. For most of us, the uncomfortable or hard to use piece is the one we won't carry. This great if you can afford more than one gun (and the more, the merrier), but for most of us we only have one gun. With that under consideration we need to have something that won't relegate us to wearing a hoodie or carrying a fanny pack, or even worse, a handbag. The SR9c is very concealable this side of nudist colony without being a pocket gun. With the rounded edges (Ruger did their homework on this one) it won't print under a shirt like the Sunday edition. Part 3, Lord willing, will be about how it shoots on the range. Maranatha!

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