Saturday, September 15, 2012

More Things Your Home Comfort Professional Won't Tell You.

  1. Good technicians don't mind you, as the customer, looking over their shoulder. In my business, this is expected and easier than trying to find you.  
  2. Outdoor units need to be accessible and this means trimming back those rosebushes. 
  3. So you think it's outrageous for me to charge extra to navigate your crawl space or attic? It adds more time to the job than you think. 
  4. If you're calling for service, please clean up the area around your furnace and make sure the front is accessible. If not, don't expect me to fix it. (Redundant I know, but still important). 
  5. I can tell if you're going to price shop, so don't expect me to waste my time on you if you are. 
  6. I don't care if you were a pipe fitter, a building manager, or a bottle washer for the Queen, so please don't try intimidating me with your vast knowledge.  You called me to be the professional, so let me do my job or call someone else. 
  7. If you're expecting me and I call, please be ready and answer your phone and the door when I knock. Most of us won't use the doorbell out of consideration for your family. Time is important to both of us. 

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