Saturday, August 4, 2012

Taking a CPL Class.

Went to Not Just Guns last Saturday to take the course for concealed carry, looked at a few guns (including a Beretta PX4 Subcompact in a 9mm) as well as a few other brands. Listened to a lot of legalese, and a self defense instructor, and cut my pinkie getting blood all over my gun. I aced the test (which was more common sense) and got my certificate. In a few weeks, maybe months, I'll go ahead and get my application filled out. One thing I learned is that my hands are bigger than I thought. The result was changing the backstrap on the Beretta as well as cleaning it out. It was about as high stress as it got and hopefully will ever get.
I want to thank Brymer and Not Just Guns for their due diligence and instruction. They were a big help.

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Walter Grace said...

Geez Louise, this was from June. Already applied for my CPL. This means a couple holster reviews soon too.