Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bissell PowerForce(TM) Compact Vacuum Cleaner Review.

A week ago, with the carpet a mess, we decided to give this one a try. This was because our canister vacuum was not up to the task of keeping up with two boys eating all over the place. Some of this is going to require a professional cleaning of course, but any vacuum should be able to pick up dirt in an average sized house without losing suction within ten seconds. Since I'm not making a lot of money blogging, i.e. nil, none, zip, zilch, spending $300 to $500 on a Dyson is out of the question. I found this beauty at Walmart last Friday with my wife and in spite of myself, we got the purple one. The cost with tax was about $37. What you get is a very basic, no frills vacuum cleaner for this price. The cleaning path is very narrow and the hose is so short that sometimes it pops out of the cleaning head. The only attachment included is a crevice tool.
Again, there are no lights, no adjustments, no dirt finders, and no frills with this cleaner, only the basics. The cord is very short and necessitates unplugging even halfway across the room of my humble abode. An extension cord, which I have plenty of, would fix this easily of course. However if you're looking for this out of the box this is not your vacuum. What I do like and appreciate from any Bissell product including this one is the value. This one can clean better than vacuum several times the price with ease. At only 11 pounds, this weighs just three pounds more than a gallon of milk and is much easier to wield, even with the fixed wheels. Even though you have to make multiple passes with it, it's still easier than lugging a 20 pound vacuum around. Considering I have arthritis and tendinitis this is a huge blessing. One issue I'm not enthralled about is that the handle wants to move when you pull it back. As an amateur engineer, I want things like handles to stay put. A spot of Goop will cure this as I use it for any adhesive needs. I've fixed door handles and even a seal cushion with the stuff and it has never failed, but I digress.
If you're looking for a good, cheap vacuum that actually cleans, look no further than the Bissell PowerForce Compact. Maranatha!

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