Friday, July 27, 2012

G.E. Water Heater Fix.

First of all, I like General Electric products for the most part save their televisions as we bought one in 1994 and it lasted 2 and a half years, but oh well. If you have to have a home center rather than a plumbing or heating contractor install one, these are well made and will give you a decent service life. Today, I was called to one where the pilot burner had been going out. You see, they had replaced this water heater a month ago and the pilot had been going out, so the home center just had the installers replace the water heater, again. The replacement, two week old water heater was also having issues with the pilot burner staying on. I checked the venting, which my boss insisted was the problem as did G.E.'s tech support. After nearly 30 minutes of trying to get the venting to backdraft, I placed a call to a coworker who suggested I test the thermocouple.
To test the thermocouple, you need a 3/8 inch open end wrench and a volt meter that tests millivolts. A thermocouple should test in at 30 millivolts which this one did. The one thing that I did find was that it was very loose inside the gas control, which would cause the problem that the customer (who was at his wits end) described. 
I tightened the thermocouple into the gas control snugly with the wrench and lit the water heater. So far, so good. If this is happening to you new G.E. water heater, give this a try. Maranatha! 

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Walter Grace said...

The venting was ultimately causing the problem. The old adage, "you get what you pay for" still holds true.