Saturday, June 23, 2012

Winchester Model 140 Review?

Today, I put another payment on my layaway for a "new" deer hunting gun and decided to check it out again and do some more research on same. This is what I found. The gun is light, well made and easy to operate. However, for deer hunting this is not a good choice as the capacity is limited to 2 rounds in the magazine and 1 in the chamber. No, this isn't due to a "bird plug" but due to the design of the gun. Although there are great arguments to say that if you can't hit anything in three rounds, I've seen animals get right back up again and run after being hit, so 5 or 6 rounds isn't excessive by a long shot, (no pun intended).  If you're hunting waterfowl, than this shouldn't apply to you because of the regulations on higher capacity magazines for same.

I went back to the drawing board and put a Mossberg 500 with a cantilevered, rifled barrel and scope  more suited to my needs. Not to mention I have a shot barrel with a C-lect choke that will fit this gun nicely. Even brand-new, this one cost only a little more than the Winchester and has a lot more options and accessories available for same. It also has composite furniture and is very easy to take apart and maintain. Not crazy about the trigger group, but all in all a very capable firearm. I look forward to actually getting this thing out and will write a review on same. Maranatha!

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