Saturday, April 7, 2012

What Freedom 105 Really Is.

A couple days ago (April 7, 2012) , I inquired about what Freedom 105 that's been advertised on the radio and other media. Because there's precious little information on the Internet and the firm itself is so secretive, I'm going to add mine. This is selling supplements and vitamins plain and simple, but there is a twist to this. You are encouraged to recruit distributors, not sell the product as with any network marketing (read pyramid scheme). At the time I originally wrote this, it was $400 to buy the contract and starter kit. This is pretty similar to Amway, which I did in the early 1990's and I never made a dime.

Let's face it, being successful takes lots of hard work and the uncanny ability to be able to provide a product or service that customers will buy over and again. To do that, you need to market and deliver over and again. The better your product or service, the more repeat customers and the less you have to spend on marketing, which is about $300 a customer REGARDLESS of what business you choose to do. Whatever you decide, realize that most of these schemes are about one time customers buying a product that doesn't give you enough of a profit to make a living on. Grocery stores can and do make a profit, but their margins are very small, about 1%. They rely on sales volume to realize any amount they can work with.

As an independent distributor selling any product like Amway, for example. You are encouraged to recruit distributors because you will not sell enough to make enough money on your own. Let's say you sell $5000 worth of products a month with a 10% commission (which is very generous). You will make about $500 a month. $500 a month after taxes is about $350, which won't even make a car payment. If you can recruit distributors selling $5000 a month, you might get 10% of their commission ($50). To make $2000 a month, you would need to sign up 30 more distributors and they would have to sign up even more than that each so they could enjoy the same living as you. This is mathematically impossible. Unless you have a large space with a lot of customers, you will end up not selling enough to make a living on. You will also be responsible for paying the people who recruited you out of YOUR proceeds as well as any overhead you incur.
Freedom 105 website. 

There is very little info here save to  give your email address. This is not how most job opportunities are presented. They are very detailed and they want you to know the ins and outs as well what they expect of you.
Get the picture?

 If you want to spend the money, go on ahead. However, you will likely accomplish the same results I did. If you make a good living on this, then you are the exception and not the rule. If you want to post insults and act the fool, your comment will never show up here. If you want to provide some information to the contrary in a calm and collected manner, I will gladly post it. Maranatha!


Walter Grace said...

This nutcase that wants to sign me up still won't leave me alone. Geez Louise lady give it up.

greg james said...

There's a lot of this going on rite now

Mark Money said...

Thanks for the knowledge.

itty bitty said...

Sounds like Herbalife. You'll invest thousands of dollars just to get zero dollars profit!

Unknown said...

Ever heard of Primerica? It's similar, except you're selling life insurance. I started it, but never made any money.