Monday, April 16, 2012

A Sigh of Relief

Unlike most of my other posts, this one is more personal than most. This is a glimpse into how ordinary occurrences, over time, shape us for better or worse. Yesterday, my wife informed me that she couldn't find the keys for my work truck. I dismissed this as worrying, and told that they should be around. Today, at twenty minutes after seven and ten minutes before I had to be at work, my keys were indeed missing. I searched high and low for nearly a half hour trying to find them to no avail. They were nowhere in the house. After my coworker brought me a spare set, I took the trash out and proceeded to work, but I did tear the bag open in the dumpster and rifled through it a bit. No keys.

Arriving to work, my boss, a man I love and respect said the three words I hate "you're killing me." He also strongly suggested that I find them and not lose the other key because it was the last one he had. I continued and made it one minute early to my first and only call today, then went home and searched through the house again. After some kicking back, I picked up a tool I'd used for picking up trash in my apartment maintenance days. To my amazement, there were only a couple bags in the dumpster, and I made short work of the trash and found the keys to my truck. I ran the one my boss gave to me and he said he wanted to talk to me. It was about an invoice what was being done correctly (Whew!) and I apologized for losing the keys. His response was "you scared me." Mine was "me too".

Later today, my wife admitted cleaning out my pockets and throwing the whole shooting match away. Oh well; no harm no foul. I reminded her that I'll do the pocket digging from here on out. Maybe a fix on keeping your keys might be a good article. Maranatha!

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