Monday, April 23, 2012

Aprilaire 8366 Thermostat Fix

This is what the Aprilaire 8366 programmable thermostat looks like and yes, this is an Energy Star product. They're very easy to program, reliable and despite their age are innocuous enough to fit any decor. In fact the one I have, courtesy of a coworker, is about 10 years old and still looks brand-new. The one Achilles heel with this product are the buttons. Because these buttons are on sprues fused to the rear of the faceplate, it's very common for these to break off. Usually, these are a clean break from the plate leaving the sprues intact. Note: if the sprues (the plastic pieces growing from the buttons) are broken, then the thermostat will not be a candidate for this fix.

All you need is a tube of super glue and some patience. These buttons will be clearly marked which end is up. Just follow that and place a dot of glue where the sprue is supposed to be fused to the faceplate on the rear. DO NOT apply glue to any other part of the sprue or faceplate because the buttons will be hard to push or may not work at all. Once you've dotted the faceplate place the button (s) on and wait a couple minutes before putting the faceplate back on the thermostat. Go ahead and confiorm your fix by gently pushing the buttons. As long as you have this apart, go ahead and change out the batteries. You just saved yourself $50 to $200 on a new thermostat and spent just $2.00. What a value, what a deal. Maranatha!

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