Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dysfunctional Driving: Headlight Flashing Fix.

For nearly a year and half since I got my Buick Rendezvous, I've had the lovely experience of having bright lights flashed in my eyes. Usually, this is by some mouth breather who waits until the last second until they put on their brights. Needless to say, I would utter a few colorful sentence enhancers at these drivers because after all, I was driving with my low beams on. I did notice that the beams were a bit high though and my headlights were falling apart and scratched badly enough to diffuse the light every which way. Since these needed to be done anyway, I replaced the assemblies and after some issues with the wiring, got them to work.

Problem was, I drove home and another person flashed their brights at the last second. Utterly frustrated and continued the drive home. Finding a dumpster, I drove in front of it about 15 feet and noticed the beams were aimed high. Opening the hood, I noticed there was an adjusting screw on each assembly. The car was on a level surface and had a full tank of gas, so I turned the screws until the beam centered about the height of the headlight. It helped there was a weld seam on the dumpster to aim the beams to and in less than five minutes, I had the headlights aiming toward the road and not the trees, nor the eyes of oncoming drivers. Thus far, no more well meaning highway vigilantes flashing their brights in mine. I can still see the road and my brights work fine. Maranatha!

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Walter Grace said...

All cars are different, so consult your owner's manual. My vehicle came from a used car dealer and didn't come with one. Service manuals are also impossible to come by unless you have an Alldata subscription for $30 a year. I'd rather pay a mechanic.