Monday, December 12, 2011

13 Things Your Home Comfort Specialist Won't Tell You

First, some background. I've read all over Reader's and found everything from Burglars to Baristas and what they won't tell you. The themes of all of these is to make life easier for everyone, but alas, not so much as a jot or tittle about what the guy or gal sent over to fix that hunk of junk in your basement, etc that heats or cools your home. Without further adieu...

1. I'm here to perform a service; this isn't to make friends with Fido or Princess. Please keep your dogs in another room or in the yard.

2. I need to make sure the thermostat is on before you take me to the furnace or air-conditioner. I could spend a lot of time and your money tracing a problem I could have found upstairs first.

3. Children are nice, but not while I'm working around high voltage or moving parts. Keep your kids upstairs for their safety and my sanity.

4. Yes, the repairs are going to be expensive. It costs $130 just to get the truck to the door. Fuel and labor costs, as well as insurance, taxes and overhead have a lot to answer for. It's rude and inconsiderate to expect me to perform a service call for less than the asking price. My family needs to eat too.

5. If your furnace is old enough to be president and you have me fix a broken wire, don't expect me to warranty the whole thing. Other parts can fail without warning and tune ups are extra. If you want a warranty, replace the furnace. No mechanic would ever warranty a 20 or 30 year old car this way. Do you own a 20 year old car? Didn't think so.

6. While we're at it, all furnaces need maintenance or they'll leave you out in the cold. In the case of an air conditioner, you'll be sweating it out. Don't use the excuse that no one told you. The car salesman didn't tell you to change the oil either. I know better and so do you.

7. Do you do my work for a living? Just because you're an engineer doesn't qualify you for my job. I have a different skill set than you do. Besides, if you didn't need me, you wouldn't have called my office. Enough said.

8. Pay me by the job, not the hour. Hourly pay results in poorer service.

9. Work trucks in my business don't have four wheel drive, and most are rear wheel drive and handle poorly on snow. If you live in the country, please be considerate and plough the driveway. Your experience will be much better if you do. Shoveling the sidewalk is also a welcome gesture in the winter months.

10. Furnaces and air-conditioners work better when the area around them is clear. I work on them a lot better when the area around them is clear too. Boxes in front of the furnace are a fire hazard.

11. If you don't do what I recommend, don't call my boss telling him or her I didn't do my job if your equipment calls it quits. I did mine; you failed to do yours.

12. There isn't a furnace made that will run right after being in a flood. You need a sump pump, not a part warranty.

13. A five year old furnace or air conditioner is not "new" and unless you bought a service contract, it is likely out of warranty.

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Walter Grace said...

There are advertisments all over the place for furnace tune ups and automotive oil changes. You can't plead ignorance over not getting your furnace or other HVAC equipment maintained. More likely, it was an expense you chose to ignore. Pretty empty argument when you stop and think about it. Stop blaming the furnace company, the installer, or the tech. You're in charge of the purse strings of the house, not any of the above.