Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Expensive Call, Part One

As a disclaimer, this was only one result of of some very unfortunate circumstances that happened to the customer. The purpose of this and every other post of this nature is for informational purposes only and to hopefully save someone from expensive repairs on their equipment. I am not picking on anyone and for privacy, all circumstances will not be mentioned in this post. This article is not to attack any brand in any way. Trane makes a good, reliable product that's very service friendly. Brand names are far less important than the installer putting it in or the service tech working on it. Enough said,

Recently, I was called to a no heat on a Trane XL 90 the customer said was leaking slime from the bottom. In the brief time I've been doing this work I have never heard of a furnace "leaking slime" out the bottom. This is what I found when I arrived...

The "slime" was dirt from the air-conditioner coil pan which can be seen in the background and the black stuff is mildew from same. The entire drain trap was plugged solid with debris and the water and dirt overflowed from air-conditioner drain pan into the furnace. The electronic air cleaner had not been cleaned in three years, which made this much dirt getting into the trap inevitable. The trap is in the foreground, cut in half. If this was all that happened, it would have been bad enough, but the worst is yet to come. Stay tuned!

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