Friday, October 7, 2011

An Expensive Call, Part Two

If you mix electronics and water, water wins every time. The damage to this furnace was far beyond asthetics and nullified the functionality of same to that of a $3000 paperweight. The A/C was also 20 plus years old, the drain pan was metal and full of rust (sorry no pictures). This bears mention that the air-conditioning system or at least the A coil should have been replaced inside to prevent damage to the furnace. The coil wasn't even accessible to clean and the trap didn't have a clean out tee, which should be code on any install involving a new furnace or A/C. This is also a health hazard with the mildew, although regular cleaning of the air cleaner or filter changes can help prevent this problem. Still, every install I do has a clean out tee.

However, this board still worked and showed a code three, which is an inducer error.

Note the patina of rust at the bottom of the cabinet, this shouldn't cause any more problems though.

The electronic air cleaner was also heavily involved and hopefully it still works as the customer was still in the process of cleaning it when I left the job. Considering you can slide a media filter in this housing, it's a low priority.

Here's another shot of the trap I cut in two. Although there's some space at the top where I cut it, the rest of this is packed with dirt. No wonder it wouldn't drain... Stay Tuned!

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