Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Road Hazard Warranties.

Just a little heads up on this one. When you buy tires for your car or truck, they're going to try and sell you what's called a road hazard warranty. These can cost $10.00 or more per tire. My advice is to read the fine print, because what tire companies are doing is pro-rating the wear on tires, plus adding if the price goes up. So instead of getting a free tire, you could be paying out of pocket up to the price of the tire. I bought a set of four Goodyear Viva 2 tires for my Buick last year and one of the sidewalls was damaged today.

I took my truck to Walmart and they proceeded to remove the tire and mount on a new one. The problem was that they charged me $40.00; money I didn't have. I paid $70 for the tire in June of '10. They wouldn't put the old tire back on the rim, and had a hell of a time getting my spare out. So now I'm driving on a road spare that's balder than Yul Brenner and my old tire and rim are in the back. Not blaming anyone, but a reminder would have been nice. On top of that, now I've got to figure out a safe way to remount my spare tire, or get rid of it altogether. The spare tire holder is broken and there's no safe way to fix this. A replacement unit will likely cost a small fortune. Maranatha! This time I really mean it.

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Walter Grace said...

Called customer relations and hopefully, they'll get this resolved. I ain't holding my breath.