Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quality Tire.

Funny things happen sometimes, in a good way. Yesterday, I took my Buick Rendezvous (yes it is a truck) to have Walmart look at and possibly replace the left front tire because of some damage to the sidewall. I purchased a road hazard warranty and confirming this from my receipt, they proceeded to replace the tire. Then they presented me with a $40 bill without clearing it with me first. Problem was, I had $15 to my name. I drove my vehicle home on a doughnut and the now disassembled tire in my cargo area. Because there is not enough room to place a full sized spare and the winch out of commission anyhow, that's where it had to set.
Today, done with work and still thoroughly miffed over the whole ordeal (the service department not telling mebefore doing the work and nearly disabling my ride), I went to get a second opinion. I've used Quality Tire on Grand River in Lansing, Michigan for putting used rims on said ride and they did a bang up job on that. The service tech looked the tire over and said the damage was cosmetic and did not need replacement. They not only remounted the tire back on my rim (steel wheel) they gave me a suggestion or two on getting the spare tire safely put away. A new winch for this car is in excess of $150 to $200. Used ones are not an option as these seldom last for more than a year or two in Michigan's salt and snow. I don't have $200 to replace something I can rig up for $5 or $10 that'll probably outlast the vehicle. When I get it figured out, I'll give the details in a future post. After all: what creativity fails to buy, the wallet must. Leaving an unsecured spare in a trunk, much less a passenger area is not an option either. Maranatha!

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