Friday, August 19, 2011

Forgiveness, or tearing up your hit list.

We've all had people that have wronged, or we have perceived have wronged us is some way. No one is immune and neither is this writer. Far too much of my 41 years on this earth has been spent brooding about those who have "done me wrong." It could be the young lady who spurned my invitation to the dance or the young man with the bad attitude who still got the job I thought I deserved. These are just two examples I can remember offhand. Both hurt, especially when the young lady got asked out and accepted another young man of higher social standing. It really hurt when I got laid off from the precarious position in the union after the other guy got his position. After all, didn't I deserve to get this chance?
Maybe you're secretly waiting for a silver lining in all of this. I got fired as maintenance supervisor from a property management firm in 2006. Without going into much detail, it was having superiors, customers, coworkers and even vendors turn against me after much heartache. My hope was to get another job quickly and for this firm to suffer in some way. Not good. Even though being a blood-bought, God-fearing, Spirit-filled Christian (which I still am) I was not immune to these feelings of resentment and anger. They had consumed me as much as if not more than most.
I did get a new job within a week, but this did not satisfy my anger toward the property management firm. I was still in that trap of resentment that cast a dark cloud over every positive happening in my life. My anger was negating any vestige of victory over adversity.
This is in no way to sound like a motivational speaker. I still have failures in this life and believe it or not are still people who wrong me. The difference is not dwelling on this, in the perceived positive or negative aspects for all parties involved. The fact is that person or persons who wronged you are getting on with (or should be getting on) with their lives. We're all great at not carrying grudges when the other party admits their mistake, but what about when they don't? Human nature makes admitting mistakes anathema; especially with those in positions of authority. It's just the way it is. Even those who aren't are still not going to 'fess up and may not even realize they hurt you. In fact hurting you might not have even been their aim. It may have been in pursuit of another goal and whether or not they considered your feelings as a byproduct doesn't matter. They did it and you're eating your heart out feeling angry.
Let's turn this around. We're all looking out for number one; it's the most natural thing to do. We consider our needs and wants more important that those of the next guy. Let me clue you in, they aren't. Going back to the the blood-bought thing, if you are a Christian (and it's my sincere hope you are, dear reader) it is Christ and not you who are the center of your life. The only list anyone should ever concern themselves with is the Lamb's Book of Life and whether or not your name is in it. End of list. If you're thinking eternally, the rest should pale in comparison. I could go on and on;can post scripture 'til my hands bleed, but you all should know it. Time is so short. Maranatha!

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