Monday, December 6, 2010

A Song About Christmas, The Greatest Gift.

I know it's Christmastime,
anyone can see,
Even someone just like me.

See I had a problem, in reality.
Couldn't pay the layaway.
You have to understand,
when the pink slips lands,
not a lot to give away.

So I got my gift card,
bought some groceries.
Wiped a tear drop from my eye.

As I walked right down
those aisles misty eyed,
got to thinking bought Him.
All of the gifts I'd given and gotten
through through the years,
doesn't mean too much to me.

'Cause I don't need the presents underneath
the tree, just to know that You love me.
I'm gonna take some time, count my blessings down.
Then I'm sing some praise.

I called and told my wife,
she just choked back tears.
"Honey please just dry your eyes."
We need to make some time, in reality,
the holidays are here to share.

Lord I don't need the presents,
underneath the tree,
Just to know that You love me.

Your greatest gift to us in reality,
was your life shed on that unwanted tree.

I can't pay You back,
nor earn immunity,
You just came to die for me.
Saved me from a life of depravity and sin.
Jesus I can't thank You near enough.

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