Friday, December 24, 2010

The Bridge.

River was deep
chasm too wide.
Got a big, big problem
cause we can’t cross the other side,
River too deep,
chasm too wide.

Man tried to build a mighty, mighty tower.
But it couldn’t cross the river,
chasm too wide.
Couldn’t even start to reach the other side,
River was deep
Chasm too wide.

Man was determined and he built a bridge so wide.
Only problem was it couldn’t reach the other side,
river was deep,
chasm too wide.

All man's effort fell in vain,
cause there was a big, big problem
that he couldn't contain.
Cause the river of sin and the chasm of separation,
made the problem of man, too much for him alone,
to ever solve by him alone.

Jesus was watching from on the other side,
said there was and man couldn’t even try,
To bridge the river and reach the other side.
So He had a plan to bring us to His side.

Took three three nails and an unwanted tree.
Laid down down His life for you and me.
Someday soon if we trust in Him, then one day we’ll
Reach the other side.

River was too deep,
Chasm too wide,
But the love of Christ made it,
Made it all work out.

Take that step and reach the other side,
Jesus got His hand to take you to His side.

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