Saturday, October 23, 2010

Revelation Commentary, From a Handyman? Part One

Like many brothers and sisters in Christ, I am eagerly awaiting His return to earth and to eventually rule with Him over a New heaven and earth. While this seems an eternity away, I assure you that no one has waited so long as Jesus has. To finally be able to rule what is rightfully His, created, bought and paid for, tempered by the justice meted out to the rebellious, will be the product of thousands of years in the making. It will be the homecoming of homecomings, with our Lord, Creator and Master, Jesus Christ as the centerpiece of our love and worship. Like many of you, who have heard from David Jeramiah or read the works of Hal Lindsey or Tim LaHaye will probably write this off as the works of a layperson (and they'd be right). Others may call these this the ravings of a madman. Either designation is fine with me, but I believe the the Lord has moved me to write this commentary which will hopefully provide some insight, from a handyman's point of view.

Revelation is what could be called the capstone of the Bible and Biblical times, for which I believe we are living in at this minute. While many would just assume dismiss this book and live their lives, it is a part of the Bible that involves Jesus taking back this planet from Satan. The earth was supposed to be ours (human beings) but when Adam and Eve rebelled in the Garden of Eden, Satan took over. Our continued rebellion against the Lord and following Satan, by default regardless of the "ism" we choose, is the reason for wars, disease, poverty, inflation, drug use, divorce, homelessness, hunger, and every other malady you can think of. This is pretty simple; even in society, there are consequences. If one person acts in a lawless manner, that person degrades and causes problems for society. If society itself degrades, then it becomes a problem for everyone as a whole and as individuals. I can hardly drive down a street without seeing another "medinical marijuana clinic" springing up, for example. Marijuana is a proven gateway drug to "harder" items such as methamphetamine, or cocaine. The former has ravaged minds and bodies to the point of beyond repair and the latter was the instrument of death for my aunt in 1989. More on all of this in later installments.

Likewise, Revelation is really, in it's simplest terms, a sort of why, how and the result kind of book. This isn't a lot different than an instruction manual, or even a cookbook in that its aim is to solve a problem. When I walk into a house or place of business in my line of work, there's always an issue to be fixed. Whatever it is, I have to assess the issue and create a plan of attack to get it solved. No doubt this goes on at your job too. Even when you're unemployed, you have the problem of not having a job and working on solving it.

The world is no different in that regard; it is contaminated with sin. Not unlike the problem of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, sin has corrupted everything on this planet. Even the water, soil, plants and animals suffer because of this fallen state. The air we breathe and even the sun has the effects of sin. What used to be able to live forever now struggles to live three quarters of a century. This writer is 40 years old and praise the Lord, in great health, but this is something that's not taken for granted. Many of his peers have had major health problems, including, not limited to osteoporosis, a kidney transplant, even a pancreas transplant. However, the most sickening effect of sin isn't its effect on the body, but on the mind. It has created in the average human being, a state of egomaniacal depravity, a sense of entitlement that goes afoul of any real sense to the point of being god in his or her own mind. I'm not talking Pol Pot, Hitler or even Ted Bundy, but the average human being. Satan, of course is also infected by sin and has the overwhelming desired to be worshipped "like the Most High." He also wants to be g-d.

Jesus isn't going to let this go on forever and Satan knows it. Arguably far more than most of us humans, who the overwhelming majority are in denial of either their fallen state and need for a Saviour. Jesus also knows this and has written out the problem, the process of how He's going to "clean house" and what the result is going to be. He's also intent on getting the word out to us humans before we become casualties of this "housecleaning," perhaps for eternity.

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