Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why I Never Have to Worry (even when I still do).

As of today, several things have happened that have or could have had a significant impact on my life. While the idea is to never be too preoccupied with oneself, there is the hope (at least in this post) of relating to others in similar situations. In times of so much angst and worry, I like to be able to post something positive. Victories sometime seem few and far between and miracles even less so, but Jesus is our source of victories and miracles. In this life, we are dependent on Him whether we acknowledge Him or not. I choose to acknowledge Him because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He intervenes. Let's face it, the numbers don't lie, but even then, Jesus is still Lord.

Unless you've lived in a cave, (this pertains to the United States) you know that the federal government has cut off unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed. Up to this point, we were getting half of our money to buy groceries, pay rent, pay bills, etc through unemployment benefits. My wife and I have lived austerely, yet decently for a year and a half while I've been looking for work. (My amounts are N.O.Y.B.). Take away half of someones paycheck and they're going to be hurting. In my case, it would be back to living back with my parents with kids in tow. This would not be a fun thing (I love you mom and dad) for anyone involved, but would beat homelessness to be sure. This is event one; the bad news if you will.

The other momentous occasion was and still is a milestone. I'm now 40 years of age and a member of a protected class now because of my age. Golly, being 40 sure feels like being 39, but it looks a lot older now that the first digit has changed. It could mean that my job search as gotten a lot harder.

The third momentous event took place over several days and finally culminated last Friday (7/2/2010). A couple weeks ago, I applied for a job at a heating and cooling firm in Lansing through the Michigan Talent Bank (This is a job board that has been panned by the uninformed, but it works; pun intended). I got a call 6/29/2010 on Tuesday to come in for an interview (which I did) and I took a test and filled out an application. Friday, the same week, I was called in for an interview. The owner, a really decent guy who knows his stuff and I talked for 15 minutes before he said to me "Have your *** here Tuesday." "Okay, I guess I'll have my *** in here Tuesday then, what time?" was my reply. It was congenial and most importantly, a job.

I've spent the better part of Friday and Saturday getting my tools ready for work next week. Bought a set of manifold gauges, a hose and a micron gauge, as well as some fittings and a fin straightener to replace my worn or missing stuff. The rest just needed to be cleaned and organized to some semblance of usability in the interest of finding something when it's needed. Soldering stuff in one bag, large hand tools in another, cords in one, power tools in their respective boxes and hoses in a huge tote. Basically everything needed to fix a furnace or air-conditioner with some semblance of accuracy is now in my cave.

The part I like so much about this is for the glory of the Lord. He is an over comer of temptation, tribulation, despair, discouragement, calamity, sin and death. In short, everything evil or wicked is overcome through the power of Christ. My mother told me that He knows no recession and I've had head knowledge of that fact, but was eighteen inches from reality (from my head to my heart). Fortunately, this was rectified long before I got this job, so any worry or angst was a non-issue. Let's face it. Being unemployed isn't fun. The paradox is that while someone is at rock bottom in their life, they need to be at the top of their game to find another job. Being able to write clearly and concisely, communicate well verbally (not one of my better attributes) and have some pluck is a job in itself that cannot be taken too lightly. This where faith comes in.

Quite frankly, I've stopped worrying about how or when the Lord is going to take care of me. He just does it and the component of faith is knowing that He will. Maranatha!

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