Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Thought...

While I'm at it, cleaning up the site and making corrections to a few typos, I have noticed the direction of this blog changing. It was never intended to be only about one subject, but a journal of some pretty tough and trying times. It was also (and still is meant) to stir it up in the reader's heart to turn their life to Jesus. I've read more than a few of these sites that seem to be a diatribe of every annoyance of the writer. We all have different tastes, needs, wants, et cetera. As for me, I serve the Lord and find Him a lot more interesting than the odds and ends piling up. However, I can't see not telling someone how to save money by fixing something either. In truth, we've become a throw away culture, while in many countries things like cars and other durable goods are repeatedly fixed and recycled. Mainly because the majority of people are very poor and can't afford new stuff.

I don't intend to water down anything down a bit, nor do I intend to delete my posts about the rapture or the like. These still hold true and despite my misinterpretation (and this is more time to accept Jesus, so I'm not going to complain) I believe this is an immanent event that gets closer with each passing day.

However, back to fixing stuff, I've found that fewer people want to be really handy, if at all. The few self-professed handy people, in my opinion are not up to the task of really fixing anything, but hooking up the new stuff. Well boys and girls, I want to try and keep the old stuff going and there are few people in my circle of friends and family willing to accept what I want to pass on. I'm 40 years and not getting younger. Life is temporal and when I'm gone, raptured or whatever, the knowledge will go with me. When I was a kid, I relished the time I spent with Grandpa, because this guy seemed to know everything. He fixed trucks for the City of Lansing and even made an air compressor out of a scrap oil tank and some old parts. He bailed me out on more than a few car repairs before I finally got smart and started to obtain technical information on EVERY car I've owned. In the end, I helped him with his cars and trucks.

It is my hope that you dear reader, become a Christian if you aren't already and that you will learn something from my writings and hopefully a few pictures when I get a camera again (even my influence has to stop somewhere). I have much to share as the Lord has blessed me abundantly. I want to bless you. Blessings in Christ Jesus.

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