Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's the Big Deal with Blastphemy?

I'm a sinner and I'll admit it every day 'till Jesus comes for me (one way or the other). I'm no better than anyone else and the only reason I'm saved is because of what Jesus did on the cross for me. He saved my wretched self from certain and eternal punishment through His precious blood on the cross. I am not worthy and one of the worst of sinners saved by grace alone. His is the true fixing grace for all of us. There is no way that anyone can come close and His name, the mere mention of Him in any context should be of the utmost reverence and respect. Jesus is God and so is God the Father and the Holy Spirit. (See 1 John 5:7 KJV for Trinity) (See John 3:16 and Romans 3:22-27).

God's name, occupation, etc. is to be revered above all names. In addition, the Holy Spirit is of particular importance because He is the One who courts us to be born again and indwells us when we are born again.

We are also God's creation. Think about this for a moment; if you built a rocking chair, car, or potato peeler, you'd want it to work as intended, right? You'd be very offended if the chair collapsed, the car broke down, or the potato peeler cut nothing but your hand.

We were created by the Lord to love Him and be Loved by Him (See Genesis 1:27-31), not to shame Him, which we're all guilty of.

I'm going to get to the point. The name above all names is treated flippantly, even by those who profess to be Christians. Yes, it's bad enough that atheists are now challenging each other to blasphemy the Holy Spirit, which is by their own admission the unpardonable sin (See Mark 3:29) (http://www.blasphemychallenge.com/). Since the Holy Spirit is the One courting sinners to repentance, this is akin to someone refusing a life raft, FOR YOUR SOUL. While this is meant to shock Christians, this is really worse than giving God the finger. This is a one way ticket to Hell and these people don't know the trouble their in. I feel badly for them.

What's just as disturbing is the use of the Lord's name, occupation, etc not just as a curse word (been there, done that), but even the phrases "Oh god, "oh my god" or even the letters "OMG" on so many text messages so casually made that it begs the question; how does He feel about it? Jesus Christ is my redeemer and not a name to profane. Neither is using God in a sentence expressing your displeasure. (See Exodus 20:7). Even a person claiming to be a Christian on one of the discussion boards used "Oh my God anymore false prophesies like this and Im leaving this group.." Not only did was this in poor judgement, but poor sentence structure (forgive me, Lord Jesus for the attempt at humor).

When you get the urge to blasphemy, don't. If you use the words, pray for forgiveness, EVERY time one slips out. You'll likely get tired of apologizing for this and hopefully program yourself into not saying this again. As for the Holy Spirit thing, don't even go there. I remind my wife and son not to use these word in vain either. These words made mention in vain are and should be offensive to a Christian enough to not want to be around it. If there was ever a stench in words, this would be it. The Lord is very serious about this. Maranatha!

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