Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Price of Abortion!

In ONE day in the United States, 3700 children are murdered in the interest of convenience. Worldwide, there are over 115,000 unborn babies slain in the womb EVERY SINGLE DAY! 1,370,000 of our sons and daughters are snuffed out every year in the United States while 42,000,000 innocent lives are cut short before they are even born WORLDWIDE.

83% of all abortions are obtained in developing countries and 17% occur in developed countries.

In the U.S., 52% are younger than 25 years of age. Women ages 20-24 have 32% of abortions. Teenage girls have 20% while girls under 15 have less than 2%.

Abortions involving rape or incest involve 1 percent, 6% involve potential health problems with the mother or baby and 93% are for social reasons.

I got these statistics from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform website. Their address is here.

But I'm not here to talk about statistics, but to tell you that I had the rare "privilege" of talking to a former abortion clinic worker. I don't give names, but I will say she is an otherwise normal fifty something who had to face the horrors of the aftermath firsthand. There are many of you, even those who call yourselves Christians, who are tired of hearing about abortions. This woman had to carry garbage bags filled with dead children from trash cans into dumpsters. This sickened her to the point that she quit her job, but curiously, she also intimated to me that she felt that women should still have a "right to choose." Unfortunately, this was not the "right" to keep the hem of one's skirt or ones britches on, but this is beside the point.

Several years ago, a pro-life church did the unthinkable and posted pictures of these precious, murdered little ones on signs and paraded them down West Saginaw Ave. before the authorities closed the streets and probably confiscated the signs. These were graphic and poignant reminders of those whom society deems worthless. As long as those railing about a woman's "right" to "reproductive freedom" are not burdened with the results of their lobbying, this will never change. Society bases the worth of a person based on their standards of viability, all while ignoring those of a Creator who made us in His image and therefore defined our worth to Him.

In days past, children were scarified to Molech, Dagon, Semiramis, Baal, Melkart, etc. Today, children are sacrificed to keep people from being awkward or "burdened" with the responsibility of children. It is a selfish act perpetuated by a selfish industry that seeks to line their pockets while trying to shame those who would dare speak out. Christians today have caved to the god of political correctness to save their jobs, marriages, social and economic standings while this travesty continues unabated. For 37 years it has been legal in the United States; all the while she has been in steady decline. This was accelerated when collectively, we elected a man who champions for "rights" and turning a blind eye to responsibilities.

I've said this before, I'll say this again, The LORD was angered with infanticide on a much smaller scale that is going on today. He was angry enough to shut off the water, allow Israel to be exiled, etc. One can only imagine what horrors await those unrepentant souls perpetrating these crimes against humanity that would make the crimes of Hitler, Pol Pot and other despots look like simple larceny. Compared to the judgements past, the one coming against this world will make the others look like a domestic dispute. It will have to happen soon (in the LORD's economy of time) or He will have to apologize to those past. The LORD is just, and these crimes will not stand much longer.

As for the woman I talked to yesterday, I pray she repents of the mass murder she participated in. (We still talk and are on good terms). Jesus forgives and will forgive her, and so do I (for what that's worth). For anyone contemplating violence against a clinic or provider, don't do anyone any favors. Violence is not the answer for violence. Jesus covered for all of our sins on the cross and it is unwise for any of us to sin to try and counter another. We are not just by any means save Christ and no one (myself included) dare pretend otherwise.

If the unsaved can see the wrong in this, there is wrong indeed!

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