Thursday, March 11, 2010

Benefits to Owning a Beater (My 100th post, yippee!)

1. There are no payments, epsecially if it's free (you can't say that about a later model vehicle).

2. No worries about muddy shoes, door dings, or higher insurance rates.

3. You don't have to dodge the repo man. Not that anyone should.

4. A lot less electronics to fool with, especially with a 20+ year old van.

5. You learn to be handy (always a good thing).

6. You can do redneck repairs without guilt.

7. Aftermarket isn't a choice, it's a necessity.

8. Recycling yards are fun places to be...

9. Few problems with people trying to race you.

10. You're being more environmentally responsible by using what's already made.

11. Those dents aren't depreciation, they're character.

12. You don't have a $6000 drop in value the minute you drive it off the dealer's lot.

13. No pushy salespeople, just chatty owners.

14. No one in their right mind will dare try and sell you an extended warranty plan.

15. You're not making a banker rich with interest payments.

16. Who cares if the tires don't match.

17. No worries about voiding the warranty for "modifications".

18. Keys cost $1.25, not 50 bucks

19. Did I mention no debt to deal with?

20. Did I mention no bankers?

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