Thursday, January 7, 2010

What is Faith, in Creation?

Unlike the stereotypical view of a Christian, I am not poorly educated, nor unintelligent. I know how to read and write well into college level. I also managed to maintain a fairly healthy grade point average through same. I am analytical and methodical in my thoughts and actions, and have attention to detail. Other see a tire, I see a wheel, tread, sidewall, valve stem, lugs, bead, and perhaps a stone or two in the tread; the latter driving me nuts.

In addition, I am rational for the most part (when I'm angry; less rational). I am also skeptical by nature; Seeing is believing, in other words. As far as being an intellectual goes, I have an I.Q. in the 130 range; not MENSA material, but better than average.

Now you you might accuse me of being magnanimous and under most circumstances, you would be right. However, this is merely to prove a point. Of all the things I've learned is that consistency and design are both happenings in the vastness of the universe. For something to be made requires intelligence, and this this includes design, planning and execution to achieve any semblance of organization.

For instance, I would really like another vehicle. So why not just throw in some rubber, a few chunks of steel, glass, copper, paint, and mix well with motor oil and transmission fluid, and wait for it to evolve into an automobile. The result, without some tools and knowledge (that I do not have), the only thing that will happen is a hefty citation for littering. Maybe I could let my ailing Dodge sit in the parking lot and wait for it to evolve into a working, trouble-free vehicle. The only thing that would happen is that the management would end having that hulk towed away.

It takes intelligent design, planning and execution for the resultant automobile to manifest or the broken one to get fixed. The same thing goes with anything that you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch in your home. If it's the radio, it took someone to design, plan and build it, not to mention the music played on it. This computer I'm hacking away at required some major brainpower to come up with. Even the cell phone on my desk, both required someone of some intellect to design and build.

Now admittedly, this is going to be offensive to some, so please, be warned. There are scientists spending billions of dollars and thousands of man hours on tokamacs, colliders and other devices meant to prove the "big bang" theory. The results have been marginal, and they still disprove their theory because it took a lot of intelligence, planning, engineering, design and build these things. In "nature" life would never spontaneously happen from any conditions or elements we can dream up. If humans somehow manage to create these conditions artificially, it will prove, not disprove intelligent design.

Even with all the wonderful and frightening things humanity has built, they have failed to take notice the complexity of life and the dichotomy faced by those believing evolution and the "big bang." After all, it takes creativity and intelligence to build a scoop shovel, radar gun, or even a Rubik's Cube. However, no such creativity or intelligence needed to build something as complex as a living human being or even a bacterium, for that matter. Do you see the inconsistency at best, and an outright lie at the worst? For all the money spend on proving evolution, we would probably have the resources spent better elsewhere. Hey, the last sentence was my opinion, but come on, do we really need to be super intellectuals to figure out life? I think not. Maranatha!

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