Friday, January 15, 2010

Waiting for Armageddon

A movie coming out soon, called "Waiting for Armageddon" is due to hit theaters soon. Like nearly all movies today, portray pretribulation rapture, Bible believing Christians as unsophisticated non-progressives at best and as war-hungry monsters, or worse at worst. I'm not bothering to counter this viewpoint with scriptural evidence, because it probably wouldn't matter anyway. All I can say at this point is that the time for persecution is nearly at hand. Some time soon, those who believe in the Bible as the unerring word of the Lord will have to worship in the shadows to avoid public scorn, or arrest and even imprisonment (or worse).

I'm a pretribulational, evangelical Christian and very vocal about it. One thing that is very offensive is that if anything, I would love to have a few more decades left for things to simmer over, not to mention more people getting right with Jesus. I'm not looking forward to a time when many people, saved or not, will suffer in a war that will take the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Even if I don't agree with someone, it shouldn't have to mean I want them to die or go to hell. Come on people, this isn't what we're about. I would much rather struggle for another 40 of 50 years if it meant more people could be saved and we could turn this nation and the world around so the Lord could come and say "a job well done, my servants."

Even in Heaven, it's not going to be a pleasure cruise on the Happy Day Cruise Line. I fully expect that when Jesus takes His church, we will be interceding for those left behind. There is no way anyone could take pleasure in those suffering and dying because they didn't accept Jesus' "all aboard" for salvation. From the growing Antichrist sentiment I've been seeing on Facebook, YouTube and other public areas, it may have to take a severe wake up call for many to realize they were wrong. I'm seeing so much much this sentiment on the latter venue I'm contemplating pulling my account with YouTube.

Let's be honest, has this world gotten better? Has the leadership strove to follow the Ten Commandments, or has the word of law become an outmoded concept? Are people working toward an orderly solution to better the lives of all, or has the word of the day been "me first." As I've said, I've worked in property management for five and half years and could not get one person to see the need to be considerate of his neighbor. Even in some of the places we lived, we constantly had to ask our neighbors to turn down their stereos and were frequently treated as if we were impinging on their rights. If we can't even be courteous of one another, how can we be expected to bring in the "new age" of enlightenment and understanding?

I keep hearing that people don't need religion or God to better themselves, but they have no problem cursing out anyone who doesn't agree with them. Where did tolerance go? It seems to only apply to Christians accepting other religions.

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