Thursday, January 7, 2010

Earth 2100, from a Christian Perspective Part One

Watched the last half of a program on the History Channel that made my blood run cold. In short, it proposed a scenario where we as human beings were misusing the earth starting in 2010. As anyone will be able to figure out, the result is a doomsday scenario in where widespread coastal flooding, disease, famine, energy shortages, civil unrest and governmental breakdown are imminent. The causation is predictably, overuse of energy, the dreaded S.U.V. and excessive carbon emissions. By 2100, as the story goes, humanity and all of nature are irreversibly and profoundly changed. Major governments have toppled and small, feudal societies are norm. The standard of living is forever degraded as civilization descends into anarchy. As with most, if not all of these shows with an agenda, it vilifies the United States and in a thinly-veiled fashion, Christians. The pivotal point was in 2015 when world leaders could not agree on a climate change slash energy usage policy.

Back to 2010 for a moment. We could be in the coldest and roughest winter since 1978. We've had more snowfall and in consistently lowest winter temperatures since 1985. This is over much of the United States and Europe. It was 44 degrees in Florida last week. Man made global warming is a myth perpetuated by those who wish to dismantle the United States for their own gain. I'm all for "green" and not using more than you need. I recycle when ever possible. My "carbon footprint" is about a size 1. We use energy efficient light bulbs, save water, etc. However, this is not by any government coercion; It is out of necessity.

The alternative scenario proposed by "climatologists" and other "experts" in this field are population control (abortions and other mandated contraception at best) planting wind farms and solar arrays all over the place and using electric cars owned by everyone in common. There are the other suggestions like planting low water use crops and using less cattle and eating more locally-grown produce, etc. These are not all bad ideas, (abortion is murder, to put it mildly) but the one thing that really got my attention is establishing a government that cooperates globally. This is code for a global government. Let's face it, humans cannot govern themselves in any capacity as long as Satan is god of this world (Don't shoot the messenger, because Jesus points this out in John 12:31 and the apostle Paul also made mention of this in 2 Corinthians 4:4. I would be lying and not biblical if I said otherwise).

Need proof? Look around you. People can't even park their cars for the benefit of their neighbors in our apartment complex. Instead of leaving enough room, cars are double-parked, and sidewalks are frequently used as "princess parking". When I worked in property management, I frequently had to ask residents not to let the nose of their cars hang over the sidewalk so I could shovel said walks in the winter. Not one person ever cooperated with this rule and it took me an extra hour to clean the snow off the walks. Rules and consequences didn't work because residents fought the management violently over why they shouldn't have to follow policy. People want to do what they want when they want to do it and how they want to do it, morality be anathema.

Like it or not, without Christ, we are all in a state of rebellion against all authority. This is something Christians are commanded to respect. Jesus always told His people to turn the other cheek in a time when Romans had a right to slap Jews, and soldiers could command a Jew to carry their equipment for a mile. This was law back then and Christ commanded people to follow it, unreasonable as it was.

In short, I don't have faith in men, because men lie and cheat and follow agendas that benefit them, not humanity as a whole. If you can't even get a gaggle of tenants to work together for the common good, how can you get people to cooperate on a grand scale? The truth is that Communism (and this is what it is) is like a on old, termite-infested, lead piped house with a new paint or siding job. If you buy into it, you're going to have a lot of costs cropping up really soon. For example, I had a bump out on my garage that got water and insect damage because it was not properly roofed and flashed. This would have run me close to $7000 to have a builder replace all the damaged wood, re-side and re-roof this part of my house. As it was, it still cost me about $400 to get it back to rights. Communism, or Socialism has the propensity to become very expensive in money, materials and human lives. This is because this worldview believes that government is the answer for everything and does not allow for dissent regardless of proof of solutions or ideas to the contrary.

Stalin ordered and participated in the killing of millions of people, including many brilliant leaders and engineers who did not agree with him, or who he thought did not agree with him. Hitler also did this and caused many talented people to flee Germany. This is why I'm not embracing the worldview of environmentalism, (or repackaged Socialism) as much as I have to study this subject right now. Maranatha!

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