Saturday, January 16, 2010

DANTES tests!

This morning, before dawn rolled over the suburb known as Grand Ledge, there was an alarm clock ringing. One very tired man with aching feet and an affinity to sleep until 8 or 9 stirred out of bad, got dressed and got ready for the day. It was finally 7 a.m. when the car started and he started to affix the well-used GPS to the windshield. Plugging in the address in Spring Arbor, Michigan and affirming the destination in less than an hour, he drove off.

After driving the nearly deserted expressway, the water tower and the signs for Spring Arbor sprang up. The campus appeared deserted. No fanfare, no traffic to compete with; plenty of parking spaces. I picked one and circled the science building until I found the entrance. Inside the classroom were desks that were way too small for someone of my older boy's size, let alone mine. there were three other people, to nursing hopefuls and one gentleman trying to take a calculus test.

All of them thought I was crazy, I had one for Race to Save the Planet (something I've studied for the past 30 years to be honest) and Art of the Western World (which in my opinion someone could have studied exclusively for 7 or 8 decades and not even scratched the surface). I took the former first and the latter next. The art one was a bear, but I still got both tests done in less time than it took for many to do one. I'm a left-brained person for the most part and though I never shy away from the abstract, the serious art student is a very creative and perceptive person. He or she has to be to get it right.

This isn't to say that it can't be done. People like me take and pass these all the time. Either way, I've three or four weeks to get the results and move on with my plans; truth be told will hopefully be moving forward any, Lord willing. Right now, there isn't a lot of optimism on the jobs front. To someone who's invested copious amounts of time and money to attain a goal, it must be determination, not optimism, that allows one to move forward. Being able to realize trends is important, but these tend to change frequently as to make this as a determinant to your direction impossible. In plain English, this means to make a goal and meet it, keeping circumstances in their place.

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